Here’s what sexism feels like – with Today’s General Election Special of the Day, a heaping serving of the ever popular Violence Directed at Women…

Note the voiceover seems to have Couric indicating her approval, ” ooooh!”

And yet another…


Sexism and violent imagery used against women.  When you see it, it feels just like a punch in the gut. 


UPDATE 10/20/08

How to Stop It –


Don’t just sit there feeling like somebody punched you – take two steps:


1.  Go to www.CBSNews.com then scroll down to “comments”and fill out the form.

Sample:  I strongly protest the disgusting Terry Tate video depicting extreme violence against Gov. Palin.  Tate uses CBS news anchor Couric’s footage of her Palin interview and portrays Couric as approving of the vicious attack on Palin.  Please act to ensure your news footage is not a vehicle for hate speech and violence against women.  Thank you.

2. Reebok may or may not be sponsoring this ad (we’re trying to find out), but maybe the company wouldn’t want its fairly old and awfully lame “concept” used in this way?  Email or write to them and protest:

Reebok International

1895 JW Foster Blvd.
Canton, MA 02021
Phone: 781-401-5000
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (EST) corporate@reebok.com

These two actions will take about 8 minutes of your time and you’ll feel good all day, I promise!

For more information on this “Terry Tate” fellow and Reebok’s involvement with him, go to The New Agenda website: http://thenewagenda.net/


I spoke with Daniel Sarro at Reebok publicity dept.  He says Reebok is absolutely not responsible for the video, nor does the company retain rights to the “concept.”  He said that he felt that a statement from Reebok would just generate more publicity for the “Terry Tate” fellow.  I told him that he might want to prepare a statement anyway, because it is possible one of the campaigns would pick it up and talk about it.  (It would certainly be better if Reebok did this proactively!).

Thanks to The New Agenda for digging up the contact numbers for Reebok’s publicity department!



Saturday Puzzler #4

Thanks to the loyal following that is keeping these Saturday Puzzlers going – for a great cause -Democrats for Principle Before Party’s ad campaign.  Check this great organization out – the Obama-Nixon television ads are terrific.


As promised last week, if you are today’s winner, this week $150 will be donated in your honor to Democrats for Principle Before Party.  The donation will continue to go up $50 each week right up till the Election of Doom.

So, here is a picture of the doorway to a site that purports to be the birthplace of somebody famous.  Be the first to name the site, plus its location, and $150 will be sent to this great cause. 

As always, just leave your answer in the “comments” section.  Enjoy what is left of your beautiful fall Saturday!

UPDATE: We have a winner – Swanspirit, who correctly identified the location of the birth of the (famous) JC himself, in Bethlehem.  The Church of the Nativity. 

$150 in honor of Swanspirit goes to Democrats for Principle Before Party:

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Thanks all for participating in the Saturday Puzzler –   just two more Puzzlers to go until the Election!

Saturday Puzzler #3

I know I promised you a more difficult puzzler…. but this is not it!  It was a long week dealing with clients and the US government, and I’m drained of all creativity. 

If you are the winner, this week $100 will be donated in your honor to Democrats for Principle Before Party.  The donation will go up $50 each week until the Election of Doom.

So, here is a picture of an artifact, taken on one of my trips -be the first to name it, plus its location, and $100 will be sent to this great cause. 

While you’re at it, check out Democrats for Principle Before Party’s terrific ad campaign, it’ll be going full swing at the World Series.

Same process as always… just leave your answer in the “comments” section.  Good luck and enjoy your beautiful Fall Saturday!



UPDATE – 3pm and still no winner – HINT: it’s domestic, not foreign and  the ROCK says 1620 on it.


UPDATE #2 – We have a winner – lililiam – who sends her regards to Heidi Li.  Thanks to all of you who support Democrats for Principle Before Party. 

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For those friends who still don’t get it

See below – Reuters photographs a powerful woman, a sitting Governor, candidate for VP Sarah Palin, addressing supporters at a campaign rally –

Disgusting, and just the latest in the overwhelming visual coverage, especially from Reuters, of Gov. Palin’s legs. 

Until we have more women in elected public office, including the Executive Branch… until we have conservative, moderate, liberal women all calling the Mainstream Media out on this … what we’ll get is more and more and more of the same.

And, don’t call me Sweetie, either.

Sorry, no puzzler this week.  I’ll be working at the Art on the Avenue Festival (Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia) all day today – if you live in the DC area, come out for a great street festival:


And while you’re there, visit the area’s best frozen custard shop too:


Check back next week for a Double $$$ (and more difficult) Saturday Puzzler, and enjoy your beautiful fall weekend!

Letting go

When you love without limits, unconditionally, it can be hard to let go, even slightly.  Even when you know you must.  That is what this summer was like, knowing that our eldest son was going 500 miles away to college at the end of August.  After the over-the-top excitement of high school graduation and “beach week,” we settled in to a warm boring summer at home that was the calm before the emotional storm.  So I wasn’t prepared for the real trial which came a month later, on July 7.  That was the night he made a minor error in his calculation of speed on a wet curve of road, skidded into a ditch and rolled my 1996 T-Bird over. 


As parents we all dread the Call.  It can come at any time, and it’s the real reason we have cell phones and are never truly unreachable.  It is unexpected but when it comes it feels like you’ve been waiting for it.  It feels familiar because you’ve been dreading it since your child was born.  It came for my mom and dad 30 years ago on a sunny Sunday afternoon: a car swerves, a child hit, a crazy rush to the emergency room.  If you’re lucky, it’s just scratches and bruises, or maybe a broken bone. Hurt teenager pride, some worries about what his or her friends will say.  If you’re unlucky, as my parents were when the call came about my sister, it’s a death watch in a hospital emergency room, unbearable loss, the sudden inescapable understanding that your life will never be the same. 


It’s a quiet Sunday night, almost midnight.  My husband and I are watching a movie in our family room when the phone rings.  As soon as my husband answers, I know there is something wrong because he starts to move away from me to talk. There’s been an accident, the ambulance is heading to the emergency room, meet them at the hospital. 


Never have I been more grateful for what I now recognize are my husband’s superior driving skills. I know we are both silently praying, without talking we understand we will stop, then run all red lights to get to the hospital quickly.  Nothing else matters.   Amazingly we beat the ambulance to the hospital only to spend an agonizing fifteen minutes waiting, while I imagine the worst: that they were unable to free my son and his friend from the car, or the horrifying thought that it has been determined that the boys are past the point of needing the hospital’s services.


Finally they arrive and we are brought in to the emergency room.  There he is: immobilized on a hospital gurney, strapped to a board, wearing a neck brace, covered with bloody scratches from broken glass.  But the EMT comes over to tell me that he is fine, nothing major, and his friend is ok too.  We’ll be there in the ER most of the night while all of this is confirmed with x-rays and examinations.  He is upset, more than a bit scared. His wrist may be broken from the airbag deployment. His backpack and laptop are missing; his eyeglasses are nowhere to be found.  He sees me and starts apologizing, “I’m sorry, Mom, I’m so sorry.”  I can’t believe it, does he really think I care about the car? 


Tonight, I am one of the lucky ones.



The Rose Garden at Glenn Miller Park, Richmond, Indiana

The Rose Garden at Glenn Miller Park, Richmond, Indiana


Saturday Puzzler #2


Happy Saturday to all from Florida.  A visit to Mom is always a welcome chance to get away from DC for a few days.  Mom thinks BO may win Florida.  We need to go shopping…

But first, below is today’s Saturday Puzzler:  Name the location (in front of what building entrance, city & country) of this bizarre artifact.  I will donate $50 to Democrats for Principle Before Politics in honor of  the first person to correctly answer this question.   

Same as last week, Just leave your answer in “comments.”  Good luck and enjoy your beautiful Saturday.


UPDATE:  We have a winner, sfindiepuma –

“Minerva’s Pulcino” in front of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome, Italy.

$50 to a great cause!  Thanks, sfindiepuma!

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